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What is CISS?

CISS Endless InkWhat Ink Systems do we provide?

EndlessInk CISS (Continuous Ink Supply  System) is a new innovative technology, designed for inkjet printers. The way it works is simple, numerous ink canisters sit external to your inkjet printer and the ink feeds into the printer via silicon tubing and using barometric pressure to keep the ink flow constant.

EndlessInk continuous ink systems are black so they are uniform with your printer, however, each ink colour has a clear panel so you can easily see when you need to refill the ink.

How CISS save money?

Usual inkjet printer cartridges are very small, 10-30ml, thus you have to wonder why you pay so much for them. Not to mention the time it takes to go to the shop each time and buy new cartridges. EndlessInk CISS make it possible to never buy another ink cartridge and save big bucks. By refilling the canisters with a large quantity of ink (usually 100ml) at a time you save money on your initial set up and then again and again each time you refill the canisters.


For HP, Epson printers we use the large external CISS. For Canon printers, we have refillable cartridges. However, for Brother we have found that using long refillable cartridges is the best alternative as they require no tubing and still carry a large amount of ink. These long cartridges are only available for Brother supported printers.


recycle ink with CISSEndlessInk CISS is Environmentally Friendly!

Planet Ark has been estimated that 18 MILLION Ink cartridges are disposed of every year in Australia alone, with around 5000 tonnes of waste generated! Most standard ink cartridges are made using industrial plastics that can take hundreds of years to break down.

EndlessInk CISS is made from products that break down much more freely than regular ink cartridges; they are made from recycled materials and are recyclable. Because you don’t have to buy another ink cartridge again, each time you refill the ink canisters you are possibly preventing hundreds of ink cartridges from entering our beautiful land. Not to mention protecting the hundreds of trees it takes to produce cardboard packaging. It is one tiny step that you can take to help clean your environment.