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Inkjet Vs Laser: The Battle of the Printers


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Finding the right printer for your business or personal use is usually stressful and time-consuming especially if you’re an average person (like myself) who only has basic knowledge in technology.

Technology continues to evolve and adapt according to different needs of users. For example is the inkjet printer. They are once a home-exclusive printer device that accommodates simple printing tasks. But modern releases of inkjet printer models are now faster, that it now able to meet corporate demands.

The same goes with laser printers, the new breeds of laser printers are now smaller that it is now more comfortable and ideal for home use. While these technologies continue to develop to accommodate and attract more users, they still have their own specialties, which we will discuss right now. But first, let us discuss the classification and their differences from each other.

So we asked our I.T Guru what his opinions were…

Let me explain what the difference is:

Inkjet printers are ideally for home use because of their simplicity and user-friendly features. It uses multiple liquid cartridges that contain color inks. These inks are released through tiny jets onto the paper. Laser printers are usually used for offices. It is faster to accommodate office work demands. It uses toner, a powdered ink, which is melted by laser and static electricity and applies to the paper.

They are about the same price so who cares?

Inkjet printers are cheaper than Laser printers, considering that it is usually used for businesses and intended to serve for heavy workloads. But inkjet cartridges are less expensive than toners, but they need replacing more often. So which do you choose? The cheaper printer that needs more ink, or the expensive printer that uses less (but more expensive ink?). If you use Endless Ink Continuous Ink Supply System CISS you will have continuous flow of ink to your printer at 95% less the cost of cartridges, so perhaps inkjet is best?

They all have problems don’t they?

The common problems of inkjet printers are cartridge errors. However, using an Endless Ink CISS the system is installed once and you just refill the ink straight from the bottle to the canister. Laser printer, on the other hand, tends to cause paper jam, which is incredibly irritating!

Being a more simple and user-friendly printer, inkjet printers with CISS are easier to maintain and doesn’t need frequent maintenance compare to laser printers.

I just want to know which one prints better!

Now, the most important factor would be the functionality or the field in which they specializes. Although their function is to print digital materials into papers, they perform better on different tasks.

Inkjet printers are better on image or photo printing. It is made possible through the blending of colour inks from its cartridges. Endless Ink CISS inks are specially made for photo printing for better results. So you will get vibrant photos every time. They will also be fade resistant.

In general, Laser printers work well on plain black text printing. They provide clear and sharp text printing. But considering the costs of the toners and that they lack the phenomenal “ink blending” effects of inkjet CISS printers, this is probably not that much of a big deal. If you choose your Inkjet printer correctly, you will find they print text at a really high quality.

So Endless Ink always suggests...


The inkjet printer is the more practical choice compared to laser printer. If the speed is not a factor, inkjet printer can perform all the tasks for you. Some inkjet printer providers even offer faster, tougher, and high-quality printing for large quantity of tasks.

If cost is a factor, inkjet printers are far superior when teamed with an Endless Ink Continuous Ink Supply System.

If ease of use is important to you, go with an inkjet. They are easy to set up and less maintenance. It is less complex and doesn’t require advance technology skills and knowledge to operate and maintain.

Inkjet printers are also ideal for visually oriented businesses such as photography, real estate, car business, modeling, fashion, flyers and product images. We have all sorts of clients using our systems. Which exact one is the best printer? Our I.T technician says Epson in general are a better functioning printer. Spending the money on a good quality ink jet printer is really important if you want good quality photos that last. Consider the ink type too, nasty generics can ruin your printer but also provide photos that are a completely different colour than they should be.